Daytona 2000 High Speed Packer


The Daytona 2000 Series High Speed Packer is a fully automated electro pneumatic bottle and carton packing machine. It is capable of packing cartons and up to three different bottle sizes.

The high speed packer receives crates from a single lane crate infeed conveyor. Bottles are supplied to the packer from a dual lane variable speed infeed conveyor. Innovative drop packing technology enables the Daytona 2000 Series High Speed Packer to reach a maximum throughput of 14 crates per minute (dependent on bottle size).


  • Flexible bottle size (square, round & cartons)
  • Automated configuration and operation
  • Touch screen operation (optional)
  • Flexible conveyor system
  • Data acquisition capabilities (fault analysis and machine status)
  • Seamless factory integration

General Specifications

Pneumatics: Festo (or customer specification)
PLC and interface: Allen Bradley (or customer specification)
Sensors: ifm efector (or customer specification)
Speed: Up to 140 2 litre bottles per minute or 260 1 litre square bottles per minute
Bottle size: 1 and 2 litre round and square bottles
Voltage: 230 volts / 415 volts
Amps: 20/12 amp
Weight: 800 kg
Air consumption: 200 litres per minute @ 600 KPA maximum pressure
Maximum air flow: 300 litres per minute
Dimensions: 1600mm x 2700mm x height to suit