Daytona 2000 Dynamic Divertor


The Daytona 2000 Series Dynamic Diverter is a fully automated product diversion machine. This is used to control packaged product flow down multiple conveyor lines.

The Daytona 2000 Series Dynamic Diverter is available in a dual lane splitter configuration or as a multi lane splitter table. The dual lane diverter integrates directly with an existing conveyor line while the multi lane diverter table is a stand alone product diversion table. It can interface with all other machinery for intelligent responsive operation.


  • Maximum throughput of 400 bottles per minute (dependent on bottle size)
  • Continuous bottle flow which prevents bottle damage
  • No bottle back up

General Specifications

Pneumatics: Festo (or customer specification)
PLC and interface: Allen Bradley (or customer specification)
Sensors: ifm efector (or customer specification)
Voltage: 415 volt/50hz
Amps: 20 amp
Air consumption: 125 litres per minute @ 600 KPA maximum pressure
Maximum air flow: 130 litres per minute
Dimensions: 3000mm long x 1100mm wide x 1800mm high