Daytona 2000 Accumulator


The Daytona 2000 Series Accumulator receives crate stacks from the stacker crate conveyor and accumulates the crate stacks in a formation suitable for transportation. The Daytona 2000 Series Accumulator features a unique tub conveyor system enabling consistent crate stack placement to be achieved while maintaining high throughput rates. Crate stack accumulation sizes are configured to meet customer specific requirements.


  • Communication interface with stacker
  • Accumulator status indicators
  • Robust tub conveyor system
  • Accumulation area manufactured to meet customer specific requirements

General Specifications

Pneumatics: Festo (or customer specification)
PLC and interface: Allen Bradley (or customer specification)
Sensors: ifm efector (or customer specification)
Voltage: 230 volt/415 volt 50/hz
Amps: 20 amps
Weight: 600kg (approximately)
Air consumption: 450 litres per minute @ 600KPA maximum pressure
Maximum air flow: 900 litres per minute
Dimensions: 4000mm long x 2600mm wide x 1800mm high (total cube area)